Here it is.  The end of the challenge.  I wasn’t sure I would make it all the way through, but with the encouragement of my coworker (Torrey) and my blogging partners around the country (Maureen), it happened.

I learned so much about writing and being a writer during this month. I learned that sometimes you really feel like you have nothing to say, and struggle just to get a few words out. Sometimes you have a great idea and get started with it, but then aren’t sure where your words are going.  And then there are times where everything flows together and you feel proud of your words and want to share them with anyone who might listen.  And there are also times you write and hope nobody really visits your blog that day, when hitting ‘publish’ causes you to flinch just a little bit.

Even though day 31 doesn’t feel any easier than Day 1, I have enjoyed the struggle.  Mostly, I really enjoyed how blogging helped me reflect on my day.  How it made me reflect on my family, on my teaching and coaching.  Especially in the month of March, where I really feel like I’m just going through the motions, it was great to take a few moments to recognize the value that each day brings and the impact these small moments have on the ‘bigger picture’.

Not sure how frequently I’ll be blogging in the coming weeks and months. But I know that I will be more conscious of the ‘slices of life’ – those moments, both the mundane and exhilarating, that make up who I am and who I continue to become.