Had a great Girl Scout meeting tonight.  The girls did a great job compromising and working together. There was lots of idea sharing and laughter and collaboration. It was fun to see. I was worried because the start of this project at our last meeting didn’t go so well, and I was very conscious about making this a positive experience for everyone.  By the end of our meeting, we had a great plan and excitement to keep working even when the time was up.

Tonight the girls also decorated mirrors with empowering quotes about inner strength and beauty on the back.  There were a few extras, and one of my girls said to me “You need one!”. So she picked out a quote and decorated the mirror especially for me.  I was instructed not to look at it until she was done.  After she added the finishing touches, she presented me the mirror in grand fashion.  Her thoughtful design and choice of words warmed my soul.

I have led this troop of girls for 6 years.  We have grown from 4 to 14 and then to 10, but most have been together for the last 4.   As they move on to 6th grade and Cadettes next year, I know that we will lose most of the girls to sports and other opportunities. And the years of middle school and high school will take them on different paths.  Yet hopefully they will remember some of their Girl Scout years with fondness.  I know I will.