Tonight we are celebrating my daughter’s birthday with some of her friends. As part of the fun, we decided to make some slime. This trend has apparently caused an Elmer’s glue shortage in craft stores everywhere. But we were prepared with our gallon jug of glue and Borax (left over from crystal making from a past bday party)

And then I did my research and people are discouraging the use of Borax, so laundry detergent it was. Grabbing the first bottle, we started mixing glue and detergent, just as the YouTube tutorial showed us. But nothing was happening. Add more detergent, we thought. Nothing. Add more glue? Nope. Just a soupy mess.

Then I realized…the all-natural detergent does not have the chemical compounds needed to turn glue into slime. Luckily, it was Tide to the rescue, and so we started again. One tablespoon of detergent was all it took to turn ordinary glue into a slimy glob of fun.

Sometimes we search for a new and improved way to put the magic of learning into our students. But new and improved doesn’t always mean it works better. To be better readers and better writers, we don’t need the latest gadgets available to us, we need to engage more in reading and writing. To collaborate with one another we don’t necessarily need digital formats, but we do need thoughtful questions and time dedicated to this cause. The original formula, the original purpose can get lost in the new and improved sometimes.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t be trying to better our practice. Its just that sometimes it comes down to the simplicity of mixing the original ingredients for the magical bond to happen.