There are 10 work days before Spring Break.  I’m not sure who needs it more, the students or the teachers.  Everyone feels tired, frustrated, anxious (state tests start in the next few weeks) and overwhelmed.  We need time for rejuvenation, to go at a slower pace for just a little while.

But yet we still had 28 teachers take advantage of an optional book study on Jen Serravallo’s Writing Strategies Book for the next 3 Friday mornings.  I’ve said it before, but I am always inspired by the teachers at my school.  Amidst all the feelings listed above, when it would be easy to say  ‘not one more thing…’, they are still taking time from their busy schedules to come together to learn and collaborate.  They are charged with trying something new this week, which may take them out of their comfort zone and may require them to rearrange their plans a bit.  And still here they are, becoming better teachers of writing.

When this book study is over, we will have a collective language to use surrounding writing goals and strategies.  We will have a community of teachers supporting each other in their pedagogy.  And we will be on Spring Break, where we can take time to reflect, to breathe, and maybe even write a little bit.