For two nights now, I haven’t felt inspired to write about anything in particular. Usually a topic comes to me and I just roll with it, but I feel as though my brain is stuck with not much to say.

Maybe it’s the January-like cold. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep from the weekend (not just the hour lost…stayed up and got up way too early Sat/Sun making baked goods using Girl Scout cookies).

This lack of drive and inspiration has followed me to work this week. I’m so thankful I get to spend so much of my time this week in classrooms with teachers and students, seeing what it is they do best. They are the ones that inspire me each day.

So check back tomorrow, maybe there will be something more poignant to say. Or maybe I’ll write about getting to the end of Girl Scout cookie season, which is the other thing that consumes both my time and my brain these days.

Until then, I think I’ll go grab a thin mint.