It’s time for Spring.  As of today, our days are longer so we can enjoy walks or visits to the park after work.  The birds are chirping and are anxious to settle into their northern home. I am done with the brown, leafless trees.  I am done with the cold.  In March, I’ve had enough of winter.

But Winter is a tough competitor, reminding Spring that she still has a little more time to show what she’s made of.  And this week, the temperatures dropped to those more familiar in January.  This afternoon the snow started falling again, covering whatever green had managed to surface.

But it’s not enough.  7-8 inches came too soon, and the dream of a snow day to catch up on that lost hour of sleep has dissipated with the snow.

So off I go to prepare for another great week at work, my Sunday night ritual not disrupted by Mother Nature this time.