My daughter decided she wanted to have an Emma Watson themed birthday party. When she was 4, her favorite Disney Princess was Belle.  Her love for Belle is renewed with the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie with Emma Watson as Belle. And then of course there is Hermione Granger, who Emma Watson brought to life in the Harry Potter movies.  That both characters are book lovers and adventurers helps, too. These are both characteristics in which my daughter can identify.

I have been learning more about Emma Watson’s life outside of cinema lately.  The more I learn about her, the more excited I am that she is a role model for my soon-to-be 11 year old daughter.  She made sure that the latest Belle was an inventor herself, and insisted she wore riding pants and boots when horse riding instead of a dress and ballet slippers.  She has helped promote the UN Campaign HeforShe, which reaches out to men who will promote equal rights and equal pay for women.  But best yet, she supports an organization called The Book Fairies (, which leaves books on subways, railways, public transport around the world.  Her book club, Our Shared Self, is a collection of titles written by women.  Emma recently went around New York City on International Women’s Day acting as a book fairy herself, dropping titles in subways and other public places.

And while this is all important and inspiring, I think what sealed the deal is the merging of two of her favorites..

.lin and emma

Emma Watson beatboxing with Lin Manuel Miranda  (click for link)

So to celebrate, we will go to a showing of the new Beauty and the Beast, eat cake with a picture of my daughter dressed as Hermione, and perhaps watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. And though it is not part of the original plan, we may just need to include some Book Fairies adventures ourselves.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ms. Watson.