Today starts the countdown. One month from today my husband, daughter and I will be at the Private Bank Theatre in Chicago watching the musical “Hamilton”.  I am getting pretty excited! We started on the Hamilton fan wagon a little later than most, beginning last summer on our journey out west.

We quickly devoured all things Hamilton and Lin Manuel Miranda, its creator. My daughter would say…”if only we could see it in person”. Knowing that a NYC trip and tickets was not possible unless I cashed in my retirement, we resigned ourselves to the fact that our virtual experience would have to suffice. Until I heard about Hamilton Chicago tickets…

Like it was meant to be, there was a matinee performance on my daughter’s 11th birthday. And there were tickets available! (I just recently checked, and these tickets are now being sold for 5 times more than we paid for them) And this all fell over my spring break at school. We booked our hotel and held off on the news until Christmas. At times I think we all are still in disbelief that we are going to see Hamilton live…

But now the excitement is building. We are immersing ourselves in the cast recording again, imagining how this will sound with different actors in these pivotal roles. But the waiting is still so hard. 29 days is still far away. There are many great things happening between now and then, and I have to be cautious to not wish these away to hurry time.

Because all this waiting will lead to one day, and then it will be over with just the memories to savor…and something new to wait for.

I need to be reminded in all this waiting of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton’s  words as penned by Lin Manuel Miranda – “Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.” Appreciate the now. Act on what you see, hear and know is right.  Then watch how this changes the future for the better.