I attended a meeting today with instructional coaches from our district. We meet monthly to share about our experiences as coaches and get our own professional development around coaching and best practices.

Today, as we were near the end of a presentation by another coach around a coaching idea, I overheard a colleague say, “These things always make me feel inadequate”.  I was saddened to hear this. Little does this coach know that when I listen to all she is doing I often feel the same way.

At a recent staff training, our teachers were discussing how they are always questioning themselves as to whether they are doing the right thing, that there are so many times when they feel as though they weren’t doing enough. We ended the meeting with the realization that although our methods may look different from one another, we are enough. Not all of us thrive on endless hours at work, or daily 60 minute workouts, or taking extra classes all the time, or taking on extra responsibilities outside of work. We are enough.

It was after this conversation that I received an uplifting and affirming email from one of our teachers. She expressed how she appreciated the message of being enough, that as a first year teacher she always feels inadequate, and just needed to hear that message. There were no techie take aways, no magic teaching strategies, just confirmation of her hard work and to trust in her teaching. She is giving  the best of herself each day, and she is enough.

On this Friday evening, after a long week where I feel as though I didn’t accomplish all I’ve set out to do at work and at home, I sit here snuggled on the couch with my family ready to watch a movie, eat some popcorn, and remind myself that I, too, am enough.

And so are you.