This summer we are traveling out to Devil’s Tower National Monument.  My almost 11 year old daughter is in love with climbing and really wants to climb Devil’s Tower.  So, I went searching and found Devil’s Tower Climbing School, hoping to make her dream a possibility.

The owner of Devil’s Tower Climbing is a gentleman named Frank.  Frank and I have been playing phone tag for over a month.  Just tonight, it was his turn to return the phone call, and I returned home to hear his message..”Hi, this is Frank, from Devil’s Tower Climbing calling for the Amazing Alison….we want to make climbing happen for your 11 year old…..looking forward to talking to you about climbing, Devil’s Tower, and all things nature and the meaning of life…”

Hearing his enthusiasm about our pending visit, his love of Devil’s Tower “and all things nature”, and his desire to make a dream come true for my daughter – I am inspired. I want to make this happen, and I want to make it happen now not only for Rachel, but for Frank.  I want to meet this man who has already welcomed us to his beloved space and captured the importance of this opportunity for us.  I anticipate with excitement the things he will have planned for us.

This makes me wonder…do the teachers and students I work for have the same feeling when they speak with me, attend a staff development opportunity, or co-teach a lesson?  Do I create a space where all feel not only welcome, but excited about the opportunities ahead of them because of the interest and enthusiasm I show in our relationships?  Do they anticipate with excitement what lies ahead, even in the unknown and perhaps uncomfortable?  If not, what can I change to make this happen?  For this is what I desire for my colleagues and students – to anticipate with excitement all that is to come for them during the time we have together.

Frank also owns a beautiful B & B at the base of Devil’s Tower, but in an attempt to save money we have opted to stay at a nearby KOA.  After hearing Frank’s message tonight, we may be changing our mind.