I’ve already deleted a post I was beginning to write because I wasn’t sure where it was going.

My internet is down (rural internet issues) so I am typing this post on my phone.

My daughter got to sleep much later than she should have because she was completing school work she doesn’t have time to do during the school day because she has enrichment activities at that time but she is still required to do this stuff. Not to mention her tendency to leave other things to the last minute…

Today we talked about productive struggle in math. How important it is to praise the effort vs focusing only on the final product. How we need to make failure all part of the learning process. How we provide just the right amount of challenge to make students want to still be persistent despite the struggle. Little glimmers of progress as you work toward a goal.

I’m grateful for this mindset tonight. I am experiencing productive struggle with this post.  But I kept with it, and despite my tiredness and internet issues and late bedtime, I did not let that be an excuse tonight. There is joy in the process. Despite the quality of the finished product, there IS a product. I feel accomplished and motivated to return tomorrow to try this all over again.

All thanks to productive struggle.